Matt's Safe Computing links :

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Here's are some virus- or security-oriented web sites that I use regularly:

Keep your security programs up to date:
Microsoft - download the latest Microsoft security patches (if you're a Windows user)
Symantec - update your Norton Anti-Virus signatures
McAfee Security - update your McAfee Anti-Virus signatures

Check these sites before forwarding any chain e-mails (and even then, think twice before sending):
F-Secure Virus Hoax Site Urban Legends Reference Page BreakTheChain

More about viruses and security issues:
CERT Coordination Center - more info about viruses, and security in general - use "Shields Up" to check how secure your computer is!
Cloudmark Desktop - Stop the Spam! (I don't use this myself, but I have friends that swear by it.)
Here is a couple things I wrote about my experience with a "phishing" email, in case you missed it on the front page.

Here's a couple good articles about wireless security, both from Windows Secrets Newsletters. Windows Secrets is an e-mail newsletter that comes out twice a month, and usually has some good information in each issue. You can sign up for free by clicking on either of the articles, going to the top of the page and following the link.
Wi-Finally: wireless security that actually works
Readers offer tips on Wi-Fi
'Safe surfing' with public Wi-Fi signals

Here's some software that I've had good luck with in the past, and it's all free to use:

Get Firefox! Flashblock Get Thunderbird! Pop-Up Stopper AVG Anti-Virus from Grisoft Ad Aware Spybot Search and Destroy Windows Defender Zone Alarm ShieldsUP! Sophos Anti-Rootkit

Whatever safe computing programs you use, and you SHOULD use something, make sure you keep up on any program updates, or signature updates for anti-virus programs. You have to keep up with the bad guys if you want to stay safe!

And if you have any suggestions for other sites and/or programs, please let me know.