Other Works:

These two pictures are early steps on Stephanie's way to becoming an artist. She dabbled with different media, and settled on colored pencil. It is logical that some of the first things she would draw would be things that she loved: flowers.

Arizona Wildflowers


Three Sons

This is a picture that she did in one of her early art classes. It's taken from a photo that we took on one of our Wisconsin vacations. She liked it so much that we had it framed and she gave it to Matt's Dad for Father's Day, who has it hanging on his office wall.

Debbie's CD
We have a friend in Tennessee who is still a big WXRT fan. She was having some fairly serious health problems, and we compiled a custom 2 CD mix set to try to cheer her up. Stephanie did the original artwork for the package. (And it DID cheer her up!)

The front cover

The back cover

The inside of the tray

Five Towers (This was Stephie's entry in the 2004 Edible Art Show at the The LaGrange Art League.)

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