I never really had any grandparents, at least ones that I knew. Two had passed away well before I was born, and the other two passed away when I was very young. When I was a kid, my friends would talk about visiting their grandparents, or better yet, getting birthday or Christmas presents from them, but except for those times, I never really gave it much thought.
     Not having them around was probably hard on my parents. I can't imagine my parents not being on the other end of a quick phone call for some advice, or a short car ride away from a visit. And it seems like many of my friends can rely on their parents as handy emergency babysitters, which I'm sure would have helped my parents, raising three boys, little angels that we were.
     Last year, my father was given his father's wallet. I'm not sure how this happened, but there it was. My dad gave it to me so that I could scan the pictures and put them on a disk for him. I think he wanted to give copies to my aunts and uncles. I figured that I could put the pictures up here, so everyone can enjoy them.
     I suppose you can tell a little bit about a man from the contents of his wallet. It occurs to me that I'm looking into a stranger's wallet and seeing pictures of people I care about. I guess he cared about them, too.

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